Great Signs to Teach Your Baby

Two of the most useful baby signs to use and teach at mealtimes.

Baby sign is a wonderful way to help your pre-verbal baby or toddler communicate. You can see my 14-month-old in the pictures requesting more and telling me he is all done during a meal time. I love to teach these two signs because they are helpful and ease frustration for me and my babe.
To teach them these signs, whenever your child wants more or is all done, you will sign the word and pair it with the word. Then repeat this process each time that word is used. You can also teach hand over hand with your baby to help them learn how to make the signs. Some kids pick this up quickly and some take a long time to learn it. Either way, it is a great way to teach them that they need to communicate to get wants and needs met and are can’t just scream to get what they want.

"All Done"- Baby Sign language

"All done" is a great sign to teach kids. So, when children are finished with their meal, instead of pushing all their food on the ground they will use the sign and then the caregiver knows to take the tray away, clean up baby, and take baby out of the highchair. When they use the sign “all done” verbally say out-loud “all done.” And you can also thank them for telling you that they are all done. Most babies and toddlers understand more than they can say.

"More"--Baby Sign language

"More" is also a great sign to teach kids. Instead of children screaming for more of something they can use the sign. Again, when they do it look at them and say “more.” Then give them what they want. Eventually, they will be able to say the word “more” too.

Remember, baby sign does not hinder speech development. It helps children express and communicate needs and wants prior to them being able to talk. Eventually, they will start to speak in words and the signs will drop but the words will stay.