Sensory Processing

Occupational Therapists at Crossroads are trained to improve sensory processing for children that have difficulty with transitioning to new activities/environments, have meltdowns or become upset during daily activities/tasks, have trouble attending to everyday learning and routines, have challenges interacting with others of their environment in an appropriate manner, may appear to have behavioral challenges that impact themselves or others around them, have difficulty regulating their body, may be over responsive or under responsive to sensory stimuli in their environment. If you child’s ability to take in sensory stimuli across a variety of environments impacts their ability to participate in daily routines and activities, our OT’s can help educate you on appropriate sensory activities specific to your child’s needs. Proper assessment of your child’s sensory profile is necessary in order to help your child reach their “just right” level of arousal to function independently and happily

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Have questions? We are here to help.

Have questions?
We are here to help.