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We Are In-Network With Illinois Early Intervention Programs • Insurance Accepted

We Are In-Network With Illinois Early Intervention Programs

Insurance Accepted

What We Do Speech & Occupational Services to Help Your Child Build Essential Life Skills

Crossroads Speech and Occupational Therapy offers high-quality services in speech, language therapy, and occupational therapy for children in Chicago and nearby western, northern, and North Shore suburbs. Our team of therapists is highly skilled, dedicated, and driven by a deep passion to help clients reach their full potential.

The Crossroads team consists of a skilled group, with several members who are mothers themselves. Our team’s expertise covers various areas of speech and language pathology as well as occupational therapy specialties.

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We Make It Fun

The Crossroads crew is all about turning your kid’s frown upside down! We’re like magicians but cooler – waving our therapy wands to match your child’s vibe. Sports fanatic? Slam dunk with basketball and hockey fun! Creative genius? Let’s craft unicorn tales and fairy adventures! We throw in funny voices and playful chatter to make therapy a blast. With the little ones, we play tag – they lead, we cheer, making goals happen through fun and games. Curiosity’s our compass!

We Collaborate

The Crossroads team believes in the value of collaborating with other professionals involved with your child. Teachers, neuro psychologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, dentists, etc. can all provide valuable perspectives. Collaborating and working as a team is important so that dimensions to any child do not get missed.

We Empower & Support

We are only with your child for one, or more, sessions a week, but parents and caregivers are there all days, every day. We make it a priority to communicate with caregivers and parents after each session. We provide “homework” and carryover activities after each session. This facilitates faster progress and helps everyone involved work together to support each child to the best of their abilities.

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