Reflex Integration

Occupational Therapists at Crossroads are trained to assess and intervene to promote reflex integration in your child. If a primitive reflex is retained (still present after 12 months of age) challenges may arise. Each primitive reflex comes with its own set of movements and leads to new and different developmental milestones. If a specific reflex is retained, it may affect a specific area of development. Retained primitive reflexes can disturb natural development and involve difficulties in social, educational, and psychomotor development. Some symptoms of retained primitive reflexes include: Anxiety, motion sickness/car sickness, clumsiness, poor hand-eye coordination, poor right / left discrimination after the age of 8, challenges with reading at age level, poor handwriting at age level, low muscle tone, decreased coordination with sporting activities, challenges with sequencing, W-sitting and/or toe walking, ADHD symptoms, bedwetting past age 7, hypersensitivity to touch/sound/movement, speech and articulation disorders, picky eating/motor challenges, diagnosis of Autism, and more. Our occupational therapists can assess if your child has retained reflexes and give you appropriate exercises to perform to help the integration of reflexes that are still present. 

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Have questions? We are here to help.

Have questions?
We are here to help.