About Us

At Crossroads we are goal-driven and cater sessions to each individual. Each therapist makes sessions fun, engaging, and effective. We use evidence-based practice treatment approaches. At Crossroads, we recognize that communication, caregiver and parent training, and collaboration with other professions are extremely important. We value that important communication and it is part of our core values. After each treatment session carryover activities are given based on that week’s session to help children meet their goals even faster.

Our Core Values







Why Choose Us?


We Make It Fun

The Crossroads team wants your child to look forward to their sessions. We keep in mind what each child enjoys and try to incorporate that into their sessions. Have a sports fan? We’ll use basketball and hockey games for the kids who really like sports and who are competitive. Have a creative dreamer?  We’ll work on sounds by writing stories about unicorns and fairies! We’ll joke around, talk in funny voices, all to make speech and OT fun and make time fly by. When working with the little ones, we follow their lead and we meet their individual goals through play. We play with what they are interested in.


We Collaborate

The Crossroads team believes in the value of collaborating with other professionals involved with your child. Teachers, neuro psychologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, dentists, etc. can all provide valuable perspectives. Collaborating and working as a team is important so that dimensions to any child do not get missed.


We Empower & Support

We are only with your child for one, or more, sessions a week, but parents and caregivers are there all days, every day. We make it a priority to communicate with caregivers and parents after each session. We provide “homework” and carryover activities after each session. This facilitates faster progress and helps everyone involved work together to support each child to the best of their abilities.

The Crossroads Approach


Our partnership with your child and family will begin with a comprehensive speech and language assessment that includes parent/caregiver interviews, client observation, and formal standardized testing.

Comprehensive Plan

A detailed report and therapy plan with goals individualized for your child’s and family’s needs will be developed and provided to you.

Therapy Services

Our therapists are skilled in and provide a variety of therapy services to address all of your child’s needs.


Our therapists will consult with you and your family as well as other professionals involved in your child’s development and success such as other therapy disciplines, teachers, psychologists, etc.

1:1 Sessions

We provide personalized one-on-one therapy sessions in the best environment for your child: home, school, teletherapy, etc.

Continued guidance and support

We provide on-going family support and education to ensure long-term success for your child.

Have questions? We are here to help.