Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive-communication disorders are also referred to as cognitive-linguistic disorders. These types of disorders involve the thinking processes associated with communication as well as language (linguistic) skills. Most often cognitive-communication disorders result from traumatic brain injuries of various types. They also can sometimes be associated with stroke or certain progressive neurological conditions.

When a brain injury is diagnosed or suspected, your physician may refer you to a Speech-Language Pathologist and/or neuropsychologist for evaluation. Comprehensive testing will cover the following areas:

  • Short and long term memory (short term or working memory includes retaining information for up to 5-10 minutes while doing something; long term memory may involve recalling things hours or days later)
  • Problem solving and reasoning (this includes judgment in a variety of situations, visual and verbal problem solving, determining a solution given partial information, etc.)
  • Planning and organization abilities (this is sometimes referred to as “executive functioning” and includes your ability to begin a task, complete steps in proper order, and follow through to completion)
  • Language skills: Receptive language (understanding what you hear or read) Expressive language (conveying your ideas effectively through speaking or writing)

Results of this testing will help identify your areas of ability and focus treatment on areas of weakness. Therapy to address each of the above areas can help to improve skills in these areas or to provide you with strategies to help you compensate for these acquired difficulties. Treatment is typically individualized and based on your specific needs and goals, such as resuming school or returning to work. Other professionals that may be involved in your care might include physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and a physiatrist. At Crossroads, speech-language therapists work with you and other professionals on your treatment team toward helping you resume the daily activities that are important to you.

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Have questions? We are here to help.

Have questions?
We are here to help.