Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

Customized Sessions for Optimal Results

What We Do Speech & Language Therapy

At Crossroads, we use a hands-on, collaborative approach to help children achieve their speech and language goals. Our personalized sessions are engaging and tailored to each child’s interests. Our skilled therapists employ evidence-based practices and emphasize communication, caregiver training, and professional collaboration. We offer carryover activities for continued home progress and regularly update parents. Our holistic approach ensures comprehensive support for each child’s development, making therapy enjoyable and effective.

Our Approach Expert Therapists Using Evidence-Based Methods

Our team of therapists are neuro divergent affirming and are trained and skilled in a variety of evidenced-based methodologies that we incorporate into the individualized plan for therapy, including:

Our Expertise We Specialize In A Range of Speech Disorders

All our pathologists are highly experienced, licensed professionals who hold the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence. They are experts in various areas of speech therapy, including:

How We Work In-Person or Online

For your convenience, our speech-language pathologists (SLP’s) provide all the same in-person services live and online, through a fully-secure, HIPPAA-compliant platform, and can do so with a high degree of effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. We are here and ready to help.

Meet Our Team