Stephane Foster



Stephane is a compassionate occupational therapist and mother. She is committed to treating individuals to become as independent as possible through use of everyday activities. Stephane uses therapeutic techniques to assist individuals recover, improve, develop and maintain skills that are needed for activities of daily living. Her focus is with enhancing fine motor coordination skills, visual motor perception skills, cognitive skills, sensory processing and self-regulation skills, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and self-care skills.
Stephanie Foster earned her occupational therapy degree from Howard University in Washington, DC, and has been practicing in multiple settings as an occupational therapist for 19 years. These settings include acute rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, trauma centers, hospitals, psychiatric hospital, nursing homes, DC public schools, and currently in Chicago public and charter schools. She has worked with individuals of all cultures and ages ranging from 4 y/o to 101 y/o.
Stephane’s pediatric experience includes evaluating and treating children in the school setting, ranging from pre-k to seniors in high school. She is dedicated to assisting the whole individual, not just the indicated area of concern. By treating the whole person, she is able to develop or restore their skills and provide strategies, as well as, adaptations to participate and potentially become independent with performing activities that are meaningful to them and needed to perform in their everyday tasks.
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