Class Offerings:

Social Group

Speech and Sensory Development
(18 months-2.5 years)

Toddler Talk
(15–30 Months)

Preschool Social Group

Ages 3-4 
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Ages 5-6
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Crossroads is excited to offer a preschool social skills group for your preschooler. This social group targets a variety of social skills such as problem solving, interacting with peers, participating in conversation, developing personal relationships, understanding emotions, and so much more! In this group, not only will your child have the opportunity to learn these necessary skills, they will also have the opportunity to practice use of learned skills with same aged peers in a safe and fun environment led by two of our therapists, Audrey and Courtney!

What will my child do in this group?

 The Crossroads social preschool group focuses on helping kids expand their language and social skills as they build their independence. The children have the opportunity to interact with peers that have similar goals in a safe and encouraging environment. Each class includes various activities; a book, show and share, crafts, and games. 

What are the requirements for my child to participate in this group?

The children entering the preschool group should be able to sit and participate in age-appropriate tasks, for example, sitting through a book and/or playing a game, being able to ask and answer simple “wh” (what, where, why, when, how questions) questions, and must be able to participate in the class without a caregiver.

Speech and Sensory Development
(18 months-2.5 years)

Katie Dimond, our founder, and a highly experienced and licensed speech and language pathologist will lead you and your child through a multi-sensory class to increase speech and language development, integrate the sensory system, and have fun!
Join us for a hands-on approach to vocabulary development and sensory exploration! This class will teach strategies to caregivers and help you and your little one meet their milestones.
18-30 mos

Toddler Talkers (15–30 months)

Crossroads class coordinator, and certified, licensed speech and language pathologist, Audrey R. will lead you and your child through a class to increase speech and language development. Learn speech and language strategies and skills to enrich your toddler’s development in the Toddler Talkers class. Caregivers will learn and engage in strategies, songs, signs, and books to boost language and speech so your children hit their milestones on time, continue learning more vocabulary words, and start stringing 2 or more words together at a time. Each class includes vocabulary development, a strategy, baby sign language, books appropriate to age, speech and language development around a functional daily routine, movement, and a sensory component.