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Crossroads Speech Therapy provides pediatric speech and language therapy. Each session is individualized and provided by a speech therapist who is experienced, licensed, and who holds their American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence. Crossroads Speech Therapy serves children from their first year of life through adulthood.

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Why Choose Us?

We Make It Fun

The Crossroads team wants your child to look forward to their speech therapy session. It shouldn’t be a struggle or a chore, even for the big kids! We keep in mind what each children enjoys and try to incorporate that into their sessions. Have a sports fan? We’ll use basketball and hockey games for the kids who really like sports and who are competitive. Have a creative dreamer?  We’ll work on sounds by writing stories about unicorns and fairies! We’ll joke around, talk in funny voices, all to make speech fun and make the sessions go by quickly. When working with the little ones, we follow their lead and we meet their individual goals through play. We play with what they are interested in.

We Collaborate

The Crossroads team believes in the value of collaborating with other professionals involved with your child. Teachers, neuro psychologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, dentists, etc. can all provide valuable perspectives. Collaborating and working as a team is important so that dimensions to any child do not get missed.

We Empower & Support

We are only with your child for one session a week, but parents and caregivers are there all day, every day. Practicing speech homework at home and using strategies we teach can facilitate faster progress. We create a homework folder and script for parents, including what visual, verbal and tactile cues to say and do to get your child to make specific sounds, pairing speech practice with fun and novel activities that are only for speech time.

About the Founder & Director of Crossroads Speech Therapy

Katie Dimond



(847) 924-2390


Katie, Founder and Director of Crossroads Speech Therapy, is passionate about providing the highest quality speech therapy to each child the practice sees. She specializes in childhood apraxia of speech, articulation and phonological disorders, and expressive and receptive language disorders. She is energetic,fun, and kids love working with her! Children enjoy sessions with her and meet their goals quickly when working with her. She is also a mother of three youngchildren.

Katie has been licensed and practicing since 2008 and has extensive experience treating children and adults with speech and language delays and disorders. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Speech and hearing Science at the University of Illinois in 2006 and her Master’s degree in Communication Science and Disorders from Saint Louis University in 2008. Katie is a certified speech and language pathologist in the state of Illinois, a member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, PROMPT Level 1 trained, is on the Apraxia Kids website as a provider for childhood apraxia of speech, holds her PEL license for Illinois, and owns Crossroads Speech Therapy in Chicago.

Katie loves being a part of the community and is always there to help and support clients and their families.

Katie Dimond was recently featured in Voyage Chicago Magazine.

Katie also teaches a Speech Development class for toddlers at Bubbles Academy in Chicago.

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